Say 'Do svidaniya' to boring storage containers and 'Zdravstvujh' to these Russian dolls
Monday 30th of May 2011
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Storage Containers In The Shape of Russian Dolls
Say 'Do svidaniya' (goodbye in Russian) to boring storage containers and 'Zdravstvujh' (hello) to these Russian Doll Shaped Storage Containers.

Traditional Russian dolls (or Matryoshkas) are hollow inside, allowing each doll to hold another smaller doll inside, which in turn holds another even smaller doll, and so on. They are decorative and much loved by collectors.

This set of three storage containers are just like the real thing in that they nest neatly together when not in use.

Perfect for a packed lunch, for picnics, and for storing goodies in the fridge this versatile and super stylish set is both functional and decorative.

They are built from heavy-duty, food-safe, long-life engineering plastics and thanks to their space saving design, you can display your Russian Dolls on a shelf or store them away with no fuss!

The Russian Doll Storage Set is available online for £11.99 click here for more details
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